Onychocryptosis (nail that gets into the skin)

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Onychocryptosis or onychosis is the condition in which the nail is curved and presses strongly on the skin and most commonly on the big toe. The sufferer feels severe pain as the nail becomes inflamed and infected. Subsequently, the paronychium gradually overflows, overlapping the horny disc (onychial plate), with a parallel formation of a granuloma with a flow of pus, serum and ... Continue Reading


Pain in the heel

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The most common conditions that can cause heel pain are plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. The causes that usually cause these two conditions areObesityInappropriate footwearOverly high or low arch (flatfoot, bunions) or other anatomical abnormalitiesRepetitive loading of the feet (e.g. long-distance running, dancing or jumpingInjury It is a painful condition that can be ... Continue Reading


Yellow nails

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When we observe alterations in the color and quality of the onyx, it can be due to various causes which should not be neglected in any case, these can be fungal infection, injury, onychocryptosis, pachyonynchia, onychogryphia, diseases that affect the quality of the onyx such as diabetes.All of the above causes are quite serious and capable of destroying the onychia, which can cause ... Continue Reading